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Professional publishing services

Palavro can provide an array of publishing services, from the initial evaluation stage right to promotion and distribution. Our services are affordable, accessible and effective, with quality guaranteed. It is not just about paying attention to small details, but having an eye for the holistic aims of a work and what it aims to achieve in terms of impact, readership and long-term potential. We can support one-off titles, as well as providing wider consultancy and advice on operations.

From evaluation to print

The success of a publication is built on good planning, sometimes over a year in advance. Like a master sculpture chipping away at the stone, or a raw gemstone being cut, every piece requires careful evaluation first.

What makes it strong? What are its weaknesses? Where and whom should it be marketed to? From the smallest of blog posts to the longest of books, the same questions apply. 

The art of writing is perhaps better understood as the art of re-writing. And then, after the painstaking crafting of that masterpiece, there comes yet another challenge. For every week, hundreds of titles are released. How to make yours stand out from the rest? 

We know what it’s like to overcome these challenges – the time that can be spent on them, the pitfalls that can be encountered, and the rewards that can be reaped. Our experience with the whole process – from evaluation to print – means we can implement the most effective processes and solutions.

Our staff work in the areas of editing, design, promotion and overall project management. Our networks within the UK and Europe ensure a wide range of options for different projects. By working collaboratively and creatively, we have secured publicity and readership engagement that competes with that of even the largest international publishers.

But it is not just about being financially successful. We especially want to work with those who seek to create meaningful impact – whether that be for the environment or society as a whole. Raising awareness, dispelling negative stereotypes, building equality and sustainability, is at the core of what we do. That is why all our operations are part of a net-zero commitment, with linked tree planting initiatives and use of suppliers with high environmental credentials. Ultimately, for us, it is about leaving the world in a better place than we found it.

Book promotion Europe

Our heartbeat is publishing

Six members of staff with a collective 50 years industry experience.


Editing, proofreading and design

Every word counts. But what makes a good editor is not just their attention to detail, but being aware of the work's wider aims: the messages it seeks to convey and the readership it wants to engage.

Our structured editorial process is based on three tiers:-


The first stage is an intensive assessment of the work, working alongside the author or commissioning editor. Detailed advice on re-writing is often given, together with practical suggests.

Next we undertake a comprehensive copy-edit, going through every sentence to ensure the structure, syntax, pacing and readability of a work is the best it can be. A final proofread picks up on any grammatical and punctual errors.

Upon completion of these stages, we will ensure excellent presentation of the work through professional typesetting. If a book, this also includes making sure it is formatted correctly for print, as well as creating an ebook version. Most importantly, we can work with expert designers to produce an amazing cover!

Book distribution Europe

Effective Promotion and Distribution



Each book needs to be registered with an ISBN agency. We can ensure a book published in UK and registered with Nielsen can be registered in Portugal with APEL, or vice versa.



Books made available for retailers to purchase in UK and Europe through two dedicated distributors. Full representation with retailers and storage facilities provided in both jurisdictions.



Working with an expansive network in Europe and UK, we can secure reviews that can be used to encourage further sales and press coverage. Each review will, by default, be posted online.


Online SEO

Coupled with blog mentions, bespoke website creation and social media campaigns, we will apply specialised SEO algorithms to ensure book keywords are prominent in searches.



Our network of publicists and infuencers can secure the coverage of media outlets, with a focus on specialist, local and national levels. We know first-hand how to tap into growing awareness of social and environmental topics.



More than about simply measuring sales, we provide ways for clients to improve their impact on the world, such as through tree planting initiatives in Portugal and the UK. All our profits, by default, go back into charitable causes.