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The world faces a climate emergency, growing levels of inequality and attacks on marginalised groups. Books play an essential role in raising awareness of social and environmental issues, whilst providing an outlet for diverse voices to be heard.
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With over 400 million English speaking readers in Europe and the UK, small publishers can bring their books to this audience through effective distribution and promotion.
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It began with a scribe and a papyrus scroll. Now we have books that can be heard and read on our phones. Technology offers ways to reach an ever changing audience in new ways, and our services cover multiple aspects of the publishing process.
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Welcome to Palavro

Palavro is a non-profit organisation based in Scotland and Portugal, with over 5 years’ experience in publishing books by a diverse range of authors. Generally those we publish come from a range of diverse backgrounds, with fiction and non-fiction genres focusing on important social or environmental topics. We also work with other publishers to ensure effective cross-border distribution throughout Europe, alongside providing specialist publishing support.

About Us

Palavro is an imprint of the Arkbound Foundation, a UK literature charity that supports authors from a range of diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds to develop their writing and get published. Started in 2015, the Foundation has published a growing portfolio of works, from books on climate change to poetry anthologies covering homelessness. The purpose of Palavro, as well as acting as a distinct imprint for the charity, is to bridge the barriers created by Brexit and allow for more effective cross-border distribution of books across Europe. We are able to offer this service to other publishers who want to gain better access to their respective UK and continental target readership. With great links to an expansive publishing network, we can also provide manuscript evaluation, proofreading, design, print management, promotional and consultancy services.

As an imprint, we have a particular interest in the following genres:-

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Environment
  • Children’s fiction (illustrated and non-illustrated)
  • General commercial fiction: fantasy, sci-fi, thriller
Book distribution Europe

Publishing Services

Editing and proofreading

Our experienced editors take the utmost care over your text. We will make your publications clear, consistent and correct.

Manuscript evaluation

We can provide full expert evaluation of manuscripts, looking at all components, from style to reader appeal.


Whether short or long run, bespoke printing requirements or standard, we can fulfill your printing requirements and ensure quality.


Whether it is the cover of a new book or new edition or the full typesetting and interior layout, our design services cover everything.


Our links to publicists, promotional networks, web designers and SEO experts within Europe and UK means we can boost the promotion of your publications to a wide audience.


We can provide full retail distribution across Europe, together with secure storage and order tracking.

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Crowd Publishing

Crowdbound is a new crowdpublishing platform that we created in June 2022 to support books that cover social inclusion or environmental sustainability. It also supports projects in these areas by other organisations and individuals. The platform offers a unique way for authors to both cover the publishing costs of books that we would otherwise struggle to afford, as well as building the momentum for sales for release. Crowdbound stands out from other crowdfunding sites by being completely free to use, charitably run and providing enhanced levels of support.


Enhanced Support

Provide dedicated support to each campaign, with matchfunding opportunities.


Charitably Run

Unlike other platforms, it is not run for profit, and is managed by the Arkbound Foundation. 


Free and Accessible

There are no fees, nor high targets that are imposed. It is  based on cooperation and sharing.

Contact Us

We will answer any questions you may have about our services or if you have a general enquiry.


4 Rogart Street, Glasgow G40 2AA


Rua 21 de Agosto 8, 2500-559 Nadadouro

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