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‘Before I am Rendered Invisible’ by Ros Martin

9781912092468 In this inspirational volume of spoken word, social commentary, play, essay and memoir, Ros Martin peels apart the onion

‘Tangled Yet Coiled’ by Tom Burgess

9781912092192 Phrases like ‘climate emergency’ and ‘ecological breakdown’ are not going away; they highlight a reality. Not only a potential

‘Sorrow, Tears and Blood’ by David Onamade

9781912092789 David’s book is one of despair and hope; one that paints a picture of our society that is both

‘Emerging from the Storm’ by Harriet Knock

9781912092581 What does it really feel like to live with a mental health problem? This collection of poems delve into

Tick Tock: It’s Time to Listen

9781912092963 A collection of poetry by Lauren Smith This book is a composition of powerful, poignant and perceptive poems that

‘No Homeless Problem’ by Seamus Fox

9781912092550 Having experienced alcoholism and homelessness, Séamus Fox came to understand the social and human injustices that result in so

‘The Natural Self’ by Rhonda Brandrick and Michéal Connors

9781912092642 Living in a world where we appear to have everything, do you still find yourself longing for something more?

‘Windward’ by Stephen Mason

9780993526589 A collection of poetry written over the course of nine years, following the poet’s journey through adversity and adventure.

‘Lyrically Justified’ compiled by Urban Word Collective

9780993526558 Free from bad language or attitude, Lyrically Justified is the first collection from various artists and new era poets,

‘Paint Yourself’ by Tom Burgess

9781912092710 Paint Yourself is a journey into sunsets; a journey across continents; a journey of ideas and perception, and a

‘Spare a Thought’ by Jenny Symons

9781912092697 A book of poems that explores the fundamental questions resonating within each of us about human nature. The collection