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‘Before I am Rendered Invisible’ by Ros Martin

£ 12.99
9781912092468 In this inspirational volume of spoken word, social commentary, play, essay and memoir, Ros Martin peels apart the onion

‘Tangled Yet Coiled’ by Tom Burgess

£ 8.99
9781912092192 Phrases like ‘climate emergency’ and ‘ecological breakdown’ are not going away; they highlight a reality. Not only a potential

‘Sorrow, Tears and Blood’ by David Onamade

£ 8.99
9781912092789 David’s book is one of despair and hope; one that paints a picture of our society that is both

‘Emerging from the Storm’ by Harriet Knock

£ 8.99
9781912092581 What does it really feel like to live with a mental health problem? This collection of poems delve into

Tick Tock: It’s Time to Listen

£ 8.99
9781912092963 A collection of poetry by Lauren Smith This book is a composition of powerful, poignant and perceptive poems that

‘No Homeless Problem’ by Seamus Fox

£ 9.99
9781912092550 Having experienced alcoholism and homelessness, Séamus Fox came to understand the social and human injustices that result in so

‘The Natural Self’ by Rhonda Brandrick and Michéal Connors

£ 9.99
9781912092642 Living in a world where we appear to have everything, do you still find yourself longing for something more?

‘Windward’ by Stephen Mason

£ 7.99
9780993526589 A collection of poetry written over the course of nine years, following the poet’s journey through adversity and adventure.

‘Lyrically Justified’ compiled by Urban Word Collective

£ 9.99
9780993526558 Free from bad language or attitude, Lyrically Justified is the first collection from various artists and new era poets,

‘Paint Yourself’ by Tom Burgess

£ 8.99
9781912092710 Paint Yourself is a journey into sunsets; a journey across continents; a journey of ideas and perception, and a

‘Spare a Thought’ by Jenny Symons

£ 8.99
9781912092697 A book of poems that explores the fundamental questions resonating within each of us about human nature. The collection